Friday, August 19, 2011

Star Pupil Award

Earlier today too we went to Ate Gabbie's school to get her school card. They didn't have classes, but the teachers talked to each parent upon giving the report card. When it was my turn, she began by saying "Congrats po mommy, may award po si Abby." I was like, "Ay talaga po, ang saya naman! Pati po sa Writing?" And then the teacher said "Opo, ok naman. Pero shempre kailangan pa i-improve." And then she handed me the report card with this certificate:

Yesterday when I saw the results of her first quarter exams, I was overjoyed. I kissed her in her forehead many many times. She asked "why kiss me many?" I told her because she did really good in her exams. She got 45 out of 45 in Reading, 45 out of 45 in Language, 60 out of 60 in Math and 33 out of 45 in Writing.

Honestly, even if she got 33 out of 45 in this major exam for Writing, we were not expecting that she'd get a high grade, at least for now, because in the second minor exam, she only scored 23 out of 40. But still she made it to the Star Pupil Awardees! I felt really proud of my daughter, I was teary-eyed when we went out of the school. Feeling first honor na!

I know this is just the beginning. But it is a very good start. And I know that this will serve as our inspiration to teach her and guide her and be patient with her especially in areas she needs to improve more.

Good job Ate Gabbie! And Thank You Lord for giving her the wisdom and for always guiding her in all her school work. You're the best! :)

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