Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gabbie recites a Tagalog poem for Linggo ng Wika

Gabbie was included in the eight Nursery students who recited a Tagalog poem in solo during their school's Linggo ng Wika celebration.

Weeks before the event, the kids were given a copy of the poem. At first, Gabbie was very hesitant to practice the poem at home. But the teacher said they will have their own time to practice in school. They practiced "sabayang pagbigkas" for three consecutive Mondays.

At home we still tried our best to help her memorize the poem. I'd read it loud to her even if she pretended to not listening and even if she was watching cartoons during her free time.

Two days before the program, the kids did a rehearsal outside the classroom. We, parents and fetchers, were able to see them recite together. Seven kids, excluding Gabbie, practiced solo.

The next day, they did their final rehearsal and the kids used a microphone. After each kid, Gabbie would raise hand and say "Me!" The teacher gave her a chance to recite and to my surprise, she did well! At the end of the session, I was told that she'd be the eighth kid to recite in solo during the program proper.

I never thought that my daughter can recite a whole Tagalog poem that easy! Some said she was slang and "bulol" but we really didn't care. After all, she's just three and what's important is that she was not scared and shy to speak or perform in front of many people.

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