Saturday, August 27, 2011

In celebration of Breastfeeding Month

While we were reviewing for Gabbie's lesson about "the things that are used by a baby"

Gabbie (pointing at the feeding bottle): Mommy, what is this?
Me: It's a milk bottle. The baby drinks milk from that.
Gabbie: Mommy, you have milk bottles too oh! (then she points at my breasts) You have two!
Me: Hahaha! Really?
Gabbie: Yes. This is how I drink milk from you oh (then pretends to breastfeed) and then Rafa will also do like that when she come out.

Gabbie was breastfed from birth to 22 months albeit only around 80 - 90%, because I worked on her first six months and there were not much support from the environment. Its ok; she may have experienced feeding from a bottle but she only remembers mommy's breasts as the baby's dede, not the bottles.

I'm looking forward to 100% breastfeeding Rafa this time, now that I am totally aware of the benefits of breastfeeding for the baby and the mommy :)

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