Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Versatile Blanket

This is Gabbie's Dora Blanket. We got it from a Greenhills tiangge last year. I found it sooo cute and I thought it was perfect for her colorful bedroom.

 It keeps her warm at night. We bring it when we travel. It's very useful. But it turned out to be more than just a blanket. She uses it as a pashmina when she's cold.

When its time for her and her pink bear to sleep, they use it as their sleeping mat.

When Gabbie wakes up to play with her other "playmates" (sometimes picnic), she uses it as a table cloth.

When she puts it over her shoulder and raises her hand, prepares to fly and run around the house, she turns into a STRONG SUPERHERO (that's her own description of herself. I was surprised when I learned that she actually knew Superman).

When she's scared of the "mumu" in the electric fan, she hides under it and uses it as a shield.

When she wants to play a princess, she puts it on as a wrap around dress and walks slowly like a fine lady.

(she was a little shy when I took this though, she didn't want to be photographed like that)

When she wants to scare me, she puts it again over her shoulder, yells "RAWRRR!" and announces that she's a DRAGON.

This blanket develops her creativity and sharpens her imagination. Amazing how you can be anything or anyone with just one blanket when you're a toddler.

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