Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Letter L

I find it amusing that Gabbie pronounces letter "L" in so many different and funny ways. If you talk to her for the first time, you'd get confused. If you're not used to her speaking style, you'd be lost.

She pronounces LOLO and LOLA as NONO and NONA. YELLOW as YENNOW. I think L spoken as N is normal to toddlers.

But when it comes to BUKOL, she says BUKOY, and BLANKET as BWANKET.

For APPLE, she says it correctly as APPLE, and CELLPHONE as TELPHONE (T in place of S)

And for some words, the letter L is totally omitted. She says EMPANT for ELEPHANT, ABA for LABA and ABAT for LABAS (again, T in place of S)


Yesterday was a NO-TV day, due to the blackout. After doing my daily household chores, I was left with a long period of time to entertain Gabbie. So I taught her a new song. She already knew The Barney Song (which she titled I LOVE YOU SONG, by the way) and the  ABC's (minus the MNO). I taught her the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I sang it a few times myself before she started singing with me. And she went "twinkew twinkew nit'n 'tar..."

I listened closely. And then I found out that she pronounced letter L or the sound El differently this time- Ew.

So I asked her to say  TOWEL. And she said TOWEW.

But when I asked her to say PAPEL (Tagalog), she said "PAPER yan mommy, PAPER!"

(I silently tried saying PAPEW- it's difficult. Kaya sige PAPER na lang Hehe!)

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