Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Haberdey Kuwaaaaaaa!"

We attended Nico's swimming party last Saturday. Gabbie came in her two-piece with a white [almost]sheer dress from Boracay as cover up. She also brought her Bugga Baby bathrobe that I bought when she was still in my tummy (excited lang, hehe!).

She was called to participate in a contest the host/magician called the "longest greeting" contest. She looked so innocent in these photos like she didn't have any idea what was going on and why she was there.

When it was her turn, she answered- with so much conviction- "Yes!" when the host asked if she was ready.

And then she went on with her long greeting: "Haberdey Kuwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...." up to an amazing 16 counts! At first I thought she couldn't do it right. I was just hoping that she'd say "Haberdey Kuwa". I even said she's "panggulo lang".

But I was wrong (super wrong!). I was surprised slash proud slash super happy when she did that. And for being the youngest one but still reached 16 counts compared with others (pre-school kids, some lasted for less than 10 counts), she got a special prize.

It maybe just a coloring book or a toy or a kiddie fan. But I felt like she was receiving an award in school for being an outstanding student that time. Super very good baby! Daddy and mommy are so proud of you.


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