Monday, July 19, 2010

"Mommy, mumu!"

One late afternoon while I was in the kitchen cooking dinner, Gabbie came running to me with a really scared but still funny expression on her face. She came from the sala. I thought she saw an unfamiliar insect or something scary on the TV. But when I asked her why she was running like that, she said "Mommy, mumu there!"

"There! Pipi-Fan!" She meant electric fan..
"Ok, mommy will check." So I went inside, checked the corner and the window next to the electric fan but I saw nothing. I just shrugged it off. Maybe she really "saw" something. The thought was scary, really.

After a few days, it happened again. "Mommy, mumu there! Pipi-fan!"

This time I asked her to come with me and tell me exactly where she saw the mumu. She was hesitant at first. So I thought it must be really scary. Images of faceless white lady or a bloodied face creepy guy run through my mind.

I was able to convince her to go with me inside but she walked behind me, tugging my shirt. When we got to the spot where she allegedly saw the mumu, again I saw nothing. But she was pointing her finger at something. So I suggested we go exactly where the mumu was. She pushed me towards the electric fan and pointed at this:

"Oh," I sighed, "is it a mumu?"
"Yes, mommy. Takot Abby."
"Ok, mommy will remove the mumu."

I covered the mumu image with a masking tape. Then Gabbie went playing with her toys in the sala again.


Nicole said...

Funny Gabbie! =)

clarice said...

hahaha! nakakatakot nga naman!