Monday, May 17, 2010

Swimming Party


Despite the big S due to cough and colds, Gabbie undoubtedly enjoyed Sofia's 1st birthday party yesterday at Shanghai Garden Resort in BF Homes. She took a nap in the cab, and it kinda prepared her for the fun awaiting in the pool party.

She was so excited that she didn't wait for me to finish eating. When she saw the kids playing games, she grabbed our bag, put on her sunblock and changed into her swimsuit. I intentionally didn't remove her diaper yet to prevent wiwi accidents. Just like any normal kids meeting people for the first time, she first sat in a corner and observed.

After a cupcake and a picture with mommy, she looked like she was in party mood already.

So she joined the kids in the limbo rock...

and another game but I don't remember what it is called...

and got some prizes kahit obviously panggulo lang sya dun. Haha!

Then joined in wishing Sofia a happy birthday.

At nakiagaw sa Pinata and Balloon Burst.

And finally, it's swimming time!


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