Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Best P99 Dinner


Yesterday we went to SM Marikina to pay some bills and because it was really hot at home. We also did shopping for more summer shirts and an accessory to complete my outfit for Lheng's wedding. After about two hours of strolling and playing, Gabbie asked for "foodie". Since it was almost 7PM, we went instead to Pizza Hut to have our dinner. It didn't take long for me to decide what to order, because I know by heart that Gabbie prefers chicken over anything. So we ordered for an appetizer salad, roast chicken with rice and a glass of iced tea- all for only 99 Pesos!

Gabbie still has cough, but I was glad that her appetite was going back to normal. She finished the rice and chicken, while I satisfied myself with the Caesar Salad.

It may be cheap, but it was indeed one of the best dinners we've ever had.

(Poor chicken, Gabbie didn't let it go until there's no more meat to eat.)



A Match Made in Heaven said...

katuwa naman si baby mo.. : )


irene said...

ay how nice. i dream to see the day that andre will hold a chicken piece and eat it. as it is now, he hasnt been eating anything other than jiggels and a max of 2 tsp of rice with soup or sauce. meatless itong batang ito eversince. he is also with cough and colds and he only takes his milk. ayayay,sisbumbay

ivymarasigan said...

irene: si gabbie white meat lang talaga. chicken and fish lang talaga. a must din ang soup sa bahay- clear broth lang- para kumain ng madaming rice si gabbie. ayaw nya na may kulay ang rice. :)

ivymarasigan said...

hi mei! im a frequent visitor in your blog and your super yummy posts! pakopya ng recipe mo ha? haha! :)

irene said...

andre already ate my yang chow fried rice one time kc di ba me mga mixed vejis doon altho we didnt give the corn kc di madaling idigest pero ngayon ayaw na magkakain. nakakapagod magluto ng mga dishes tapos kami din lang ang kakain.