Wednesday, April 18, 2007

some more Boracay pics

we flew in to Boracay last April 2. we almost didnt make it coz we left our house at past 5am, our flight was at 7 something. on the way to the airport we heard on the radio that it was jampacked by travellers going to Aklan. at the traffic was heavy from C5 Pasig up to only God knows where... so we asked manong driver to find other ways to get to the airport and when we arrived there, i saw the line outside about 100 meters long! so mike and i tried to talk to the officers in charge and luckily we were able to check in at the last minute.

i need to do it konti konti... coz blogspot is not being friendly nowadays...
and by the way... on our first day of honeymoon, the red flag was up. up to April 4, the last day of our trip.
so those who wished us a honeymoon baby, better luck next time. hehehe... next time means who knows.... maybe we can have our second honeymoon in Thailand or Indonesia or even Europe. *wish*


..ron.. said...

hhmm.. kala ko pa nman may honeymoon baby na.. nagcount to ten na nga ako eh.. count to ten ng count to ten.. hehe.. count to nine lang pla.. sayang nman.. oo nga nman.. kailan ba nman ang next time??!! after your calendar period?! o mayang gabi na?!! sa mesa? sa sahig? sa lababo? hehe.. gross.. sa damuhan na lng. tapos pangalan ng baby eh grassy.. kc dun cia gnwa.. kiddin'.. i cant wait too see your baby soon.. gawa na nga ako baby ngaung gabi.. heheh :D enjoy life!! ;)

ivy... said...

huy!!! bakit ikaw gagawa ng baby ngayong gabi?! eh wala ka naman ka-team sa paggawa hahaha! :)