Thursday, April 12, 2007

pictures from my N70

the wonders of technology... capturing the moment any time, anywhere :)
*from breakfast to the main event...

** quote of the day: "tita, ang ganda naman dito... araw araw dito na tayo tumira!" - Bilog, while lying on the bed and looking at every corner of a deluxe suite in Richmonde Hotel.

mike b (hair and make up artist) actually tried two styles of my hair. the first one i suggested (and wanted ever) didnt look very good on me, hehe... he was so nice to try another style, which as mike m my hubby said, fits me right... coz its so simple it looks so natural, just the way he wanted :)

after pronouncing mike and me as man and wife... Bishop Ramirez just turned around and seemed to forget the 'you may now kiss the bride' part. but it was the moment mike has been waiting for... so he took the initiative himself , lifted my veil and asked- "can i now kiss the bride?"

and then mike hugged me and the vocalist of Noah's Ark went on with A Moment Like This... and then before i knew it i was already crying...

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