Friday, April 20, 2007

DIY: Misalette & Unity Candle

two of the few Do It Ourself projects-

misalette- this was a labor of love. as in. first we got a copy of a sample misalette from CTK. then we typed everything- changed the names, cover, etc. and put a b&w photo of our prenup in the first page.
then we brought the revised print out for checking by CTK. after few weeks, we found out it was misplaced. so we printed one set again and went back to the church. after a few corrections, we finally got the corrected one. so i brought it to copylandia for reproducing.

next we bought 40 sheets of pink paper and i printed more around 50 sets of letters M & I in- ops, info withheld- this was sort of our simple monogram coz we also used in our unity candle. and then i cut the letters one by one and pasted them on the cover while Mike attached the cover to the booklet. and then i pasted the plastic flowers with ribbons i got from Divisoria to the cover and voila! our pink and purple personalized misalette.

*we found out right then in the ceremony that even if we reviewed and re-read the contents of this misalatte several times already, there were still some typo errors, wrong words and such... and we only found out about because Bishop was correcting the words and the terms as he reads it. good thing we were really listening :)
unity candle- i think i was able to finish this 2 days before our big day. but the materials and accessories were already available last year pa! talk about maniana habit hehehe...

we got the unity candle from a store of religious items in Sta Lucia Mall and the dried flowers are from Divisoria. The letters are excess from the misalette print outs. i had no more ideas in mind so i just wrapped the candle using the pink japanese papers (excess from souvenirs wrappers) and attached the letters using pins, inserted the dried flowers in the pink paper and tied the ribbon.


..ron.. said...

ganda ganda nman.. pwede ka na mam ivy mgbusiness ng mga wedding souvenirs.. :D

very creative indeed.. worth the effort.. kc ggmitin nyo nman un on ur very special day.. bravo!!!


ivy... said...

yahoo! sa wedding mo dont worry tulungan kita sa souvenirs mo! :)