Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Practice Cutting Day

Yesterday was a special holiday for most schools, to commemorate Edsa Revolution Day. Since it was only a Tuesday, even if there's no school and no homeworks, the kids were not allowed to watch a movie (their current favorite is Frozen). 

And so we thought of making it as our practice cutting day, since I noticed that Gabbie is not comfortable yet in holding and using scissors. I bought them one that has spring that is really for kids' use.

I gave them clay sticks to practice on at first, then later, cardboard, plastic and paper.

Here, Rafa said,"Mommy, look, I cut this airplane!"

When Ate Gabbie finished with her cutting exercises, she played with the clay. She said she wanted to build a tower but she couldn't figure out how to make shapes with the clay.

So I showed her.

But when we were busy moulding clays for her tower, Rafa suddenly grabbed Gabbie's ponytail and cut a portion of her Ate's hair. I should have been quick to stop her but she was quicker.

So needless to say, Ate Gabbie lost this much hair. But thank God it was a little in the outer part so her hair looks like a little layered now.

Rafa's reaction? "It's OK, Mommy, it's OK!"

Good thing Ate is very forgiving, she just shrugged it off and asked "Will it grow again and how fast?"

Lesson learned... Be quick and always on the lookout :)

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