Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lovenote Blooper

Today (like some days that I get the chance), I wrote a note on Gabbie's school baon. It was a few pieces of cookies in a plastic container where I taped a small note on the cover. My note went "Abby, you're no.1 in my heart. --mommy".

Then she went to her class and I with my usual morning routine.

Come lunch time, in the middle of finishing her food, she said, "Mommy, you wrote something in my cookies. You said 'Abby, you're no one in my heart'. Why did you say that?" 

Realizing what I have done, I told her that it meant "number one" and then it occured to me that what I wrote was "No.1" which is short for "Number 1". So I had to explain it to her.

Then she continued, telling me that when she showed the note to her classmate Bianca, Bianca said, "ibig sabihin wala ka sa puso ng mommy mo". 


"Oh, sorry, I didnt mean to say that", was all I could say to let her know it was unintentional. But inside I was laughing at myself and I wanted to pull my hair and pinch my ears. 

But knowing my daughter as easily forgiving (though she doesn't easily forget), she just said, "Next time, Mommy ha, just write the the complete word 'number' in correct spelling ha."

Hehe. *kamot ulo moment*

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