Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Staycation in Tagaytay

Our original plan was to have an overnight stay in a hotel in Tagaytay for Ninang Joy and Tito martin's wedding last February 1. But a friend of mine, Mariz, offered their vacation house in Tagaytay Country Homes that was named Zimar in the Garden. It was located in a far end of the subdivision so the place looked really province-like, with a huge well maintained garden, grand staircase leading down to the house that was decorated and designed in such a way that it looked like an ancestral house with old fashioned decors, 4-poster beds, curtains, chairs, tables- name it, they have it. 

We stayed there for two nights and the kids, although they felt a little different on the first night, enjoyed the blooming flowers, the unusual things that they can not find in the city living (old rotary telephone, charcoal heated iron, grandfather's clock, etc.

On our first morning, despite the chilly weather, we walked around the village and saw really nice houses.

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