Friday, December 06, 2013

Trick or Treat 2013

Late post. Been busy with a lot. As in a lot.

Anyway, for this year's Trick or Treat, Gabbie dressed as a scary witch for the first time. And it's all because she's already into make-ups. She got excited when I bought her a black lipstick to match her witch costume.

She attended three Halloween parties- one in school, then in our village and in daddy's office. In school, she dressed up as Merida of Brave. A N@wie friend let us borrow her daughter's costume because Gabbie wanted to be Merida; she was telling me about it even as early as June. It was her first time to get a Best in Costume award in school.

Rafa, on the other hand, had two- one in the village and one in daddy's office- she was a cutie little vampire in both. During Greenheights' Trick or Treat, she cried a lot when her daddy was dressing her up, but like Ate, when she was given a lipstick, she stopped crying and gave in. Girls!

Anyway, in daddy's office, the kids took home a LOT of treats. But some of daddy's officemates dressed up really scary that Rafa got really scared and cried and nearly walked out. Gabbie won the Scariest Costume Award and Rafa was the Most Scared. Silly :)

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