Friday, December 06, 2013

A Trip To A Public Library

When Gabbie was small, I used to bring her to Fullybooked in Global City to attend their free weekly storytelling sessions where they also do arts and crafts aside from reading books. Whenever we go to malls, our first stop is mostly a bookstore- National Bookstore, Fullybooked, Booksale, Book For Less, Chapters and Pages and even the school supplies section of the department stores. So the "library" that she knew were just the bookstores where you pay for any book that you want to take home.

This year's school break, she asked me if we could go to a "real library" where there is a "real librarian". So I thought of bringing them to Marikina Public Library to show here how a real library looks like.

There she saw piles of books (I'm guessing the library was under renovation or they were in the process of organizing their collection) and some computers which the students can use for their research. There was also another kid accompanied by her mom and there was a guy librarian.

Gabbie and Rafa got their own books to read and they sat beside each other in one of the tables. As I always say, my kids can stay in a bookstore (or a library) all day. This is their happy place.

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