Friday, December 06, 2013

Gabbie, on Reading :)

One afternoon, Gabbie went home with two stickers in her ID. She said the teacher gave the stickers to her because (1) she was able to read and (2) she was able to read with expression. The teacher confirmed it when I went to their school the next day to fetch her. The stage mommy in me couldn't help but get a little teary-eyed. The days and nights of reading to her since she was small paid off.

Then the next day, she went home carrying a script. Written there was a note from the teacher saying she will be the narrator for this year's Nursery Christmas presentation. When she was in Nursery (where she played the role of Innkeeper), I wondered who was doing the "voice over" in their Christmas presentation. I thought it was recorded until one mommy mentioned that it was a K2 student who was already fluent in speaking and reading. I silently wished then for Gabbie to be able to do the same when her time came. Now it's happening. I know this is just a small thing (well they should be able to read before going to big school) but I was just happy that she can do it now :)

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