Saturday, April 02, 2011

Conversations with my toddler

Gabbie (nananahimik sa kitchen)
Me: Gabbie what are you doing?
Gabbie: I'm eating, Mommy!
Me: What are you eating?
Gabbie: Stick-O!
Me: Are you sure? Can you read it?
Gabbie: S-U-P-E-R-S-T-I-X. Stick-O!

Gabbie (at 7PM): Mommy, I want to watch cartoons.
Me: No more na cartoons, we will sleep na in a while.
Gabbie: I'm not sleepy.
Me: It's already dark anak, what do we do when it's already dark?
Gabbie: We have to use flashlight!

Gabbie: Mommy, my feet are talking! Talk to them please...
Me: Hello feet! But anak, feet don't talk.
Gabbie: Oh no, we have a big problem.
Me: Huh???

Me: Gabbie, please don't eat your hands. They're dirty.
Gabbie: Look mommy, my hands are clean.
Me: Yeah but there may be worms in your hands, don't eat them.
Gabbie: Don't worry mommy, I don't eat the worms, I just eat my hands.

Me (making lambing while waking her up): Good morning bebeng... are you wake up na?
Gabbie: Mommy, I'm not your bebeng. Just Gabbie. Just call me Gabbie. I'm still sleeping.
Me: Oh, ok... sleep more.

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