Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Learning Lab @ Gymboree

Gabbie's last two sessions in Gymboree will be with Learning Lab. We might not re-enrol her unless the class opens on a weekend. That is because Gabbie will be attending a summer class starting third week of April.

According to Gymboree website: Learning Lab combines multi-sensory learning products from LeapFrog School™ and Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) with Gymboree’s interactive approach for a well-rounded learning experience for reading, writing and math.  Leapfrog activities are designed to help children build essential skills including letter and color recognition, counting, and shape identification, while HWT provides hands-on sensory-focused activities for fine motor skill development and beginning letter skills.

Today their lesson is about square. They made this artwork with lots of squares in it, they traced lines on a square pattern and they did some coloring and as usual, singing and dancing.

that's my very own Artzooka :)

using play dough to trace broken lines of a square

using a pen

i call this high-tech coloring :) i want to get one for Gabbie too, to try at home

and singing and dancing before dismissal

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