Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gabbie's First Day in School (Summer Class)

First day of summer class, Gabbie asked me "Mommy, can I bring my PSP?" I said "No, that won't be necessary." She just said "Ok" then went to the bathroom to bathe and brush teeth.

At the school, she went immediately inside the classroom, totally forgetting that there's mommy and daddy watching her from outside. I had to get her attention to bid goodbye to daddy before he goes to work. She just kissed daddy goodbye and joined the other kids playing toys inside the classroom.

Outside, I waited for two hours just sitting and listening to other moms talking about their experiences with different schools they've been to. Sometime I'd fall asleep. And then I remember the PSP, I should have brought it with me, Gabbie was right. Haha.

Then about 30minutes before dismissal, I head a kid crying. I peeked at the room to check if it was Gabbie. It was another kid. But when Gabbie saw me looking, she said "Mommy, come inside." "No, anak it's not allowed" "Its ok, mommy. Come."

It was time to eat their snacks. "I thought you were the one crying", I told her. "I'm not crying! It's just the baby boy" she proudly answered. "But why is he crying?" I asked. "Maybe, he's hungry" she said.

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