Wednesday, May 25, 2016

McDo Kiddie Crew 2016

Summer will not be complete without the girls joining McDonalds Kiddie Crew program. For one week, the kids report to "work" for two hours in their selected McDo branch and they are given uniforrms, ids, caps, toques, aprons and bags that they should bring to work everyday. Each day they do different activities, practice singing and dancing the Kiddie Crew theme song and they get to experience being the cashier, drive thru crews and they even get to prepare the food being served to customers. They are also served with snacks (burger, spag and drinks) at the end of each session. On the fourth day, they make their own cheeseburger that they eat for snacks. On the fifth and last day, they have a mini graduation.

Last year, Rafa got the Best Smile and Gabbie got Ms. Congeniality awards. True to their own personalities. This time, Rafa is Best in Singing and Gabbie is Best in Drive Thru and Kiddie Crew of the Batch awards.

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