Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Short Parable About Self Confidence


That was for you, my dear Gabbie. That article in the link above is very timely.

When almost all of the specials awards were given and you haven't gotten any, I saw that sad look in your eyes as you said "I think I'm not getting any awards. But I'm also good in Arts (earlier in the workshop she got a special prize for making the nicest Thank-You card among their batch) but I don't know, maybe I don't have any awards."

But you know what, like I told you, "you were great in everything that you did during this workshop. You were good in Arts, in dancing and in the store. Maybe they saw something else in you, maybe they saw your other talents, not just in making cheeseburgers and dancing. Just wait and your name might just be called next."

And Mommy was right, di ba? The last two certificates on the table were for you. When your name was called for the Best in Drive Thru Award, I saw your face lit up and I saw the joy in your -toothless- smile. See? 

Then your name was called again for the Kiddie Crew of the Batch Award. That was the best award and they saved it for last. I bet you didn't see it coming, right? But there, your hardwork was recognized. I wish I was able to capture that I-couldn't-believe-it look in your face when you were receiving your award. And then you went back to me and asked, "Why me? How did I become the Kiddie Crew of the Batch?" Because you did your best! I was the happiest mom in the whole world at that moment. And when you confessed, "You know what, Mommy, when I heard that, I couldn't believe it, I almost wanted to cry." I felt you have matured and I wanted to tell everyone in the room how proud I am of what you have become. <3

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