Thursday, June 05, 2014

Happy 2nd month Mack!

Despite the hurdles and ordeal our baby boy had gone on his first six weeks of life (whole story on a separate post next time), he seems an active, thriving and a happy baby who is showered by his Ates with so much love and affection that sometimes they forget that he is a real baby, not a toy or a baby alive. Hehe.

 So on your second month, Baby Mack, we wish you'd gain back the lost pounds due to bacterial infection and that you'd be free of any H disease that the doctors are talking about and that you'll continue to dede more from mommy so you will grow healthy and strong so you can play already with Ate Gabbie and Ate Rafa and you can go biking with Daddy.

We love you our bunso Mikael. God knows the joy and happiness you have brought into our lives.

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