Monday, October 14, 2013

Kalesa Ride

Being an adventurous and sporty kid, one item in Gabbie's bucket list is to ride a kalesa. So one weekend, we went to Luneta, flagged down a horse carriage, negotiated with the rider and finally hopped in with Gabbie in the front seat (her ultimate wish so she can "manipulate" the horse even if the manong driver did not really allow her.

Rafa, although a little excited as well, was quite behaved the entire trip. Gabbie on the other hand was a chatterbox. The moment the kalesa moved, she started talking and asking a lot of things from manong driver. She was also telling him stories about horses that she read from books. The manong driver said at the end of the trip, "Si Ate andaming kwento! Non-stop!"

The trip was supposed to be 30 minutes but was cut to 15, but the kids had fun and were really happy with their kalesa experience.

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