Thursday, June 06, 2013

Summer Getaway

Last weekend we had an impromptu summer getaway. It was decided just the night before the trip and we only had a few hours to pack our things and get some sleep.

This was in Maragondon Cavite. Its like a private sanctuary sans the resorts or hotel like accommodation. We were there early morning and we stayed in a house owned by the neighbors for breakfast and lunch. Then we rode a motorboat going to this corner of the island where the water was crystal clear and the sand was white as Boracay's. The 270-degree mountains-and-greens view was a breathtaking. I never knew there's still a place like this within a couple of hours away from Manila. 

Lovely place. Can't resist the water, can't resist going back :)

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popcorn said...

Such a pretty spot. Parang walang ibang tao ? :)