Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fathers' Day

Gabbie must have guessed that I wasn't able to prepare something for their daddy on Fathers' Day. I had been so busy with the start of the school and we're still in the adjusting period in terms of daily schedule and routine (she's in the early morning class).

Since it falls on a Sunday, there's no school artwork whatsoever where kids would be asked to do a card or anything for daddies, unlike what Gabbie and her teacher Emma did for me on Mothers' Day.

So Gabbit took the initiative to make a little something for the one who wakes up early morning to help her get ready for school, the one who feeds her and helps her brush teeth in the morning and the one who drives her to school. The one who carries her when she's already too tired and sleepy to walk. The one who puts her to sleep when mommy is still busy doing some last minute household chores, and the one who provides for everything that all of us need, and even want.

As for me, well, since I mentioned that I had a lot to do on a daily basis (from sun up to sun down), I guess this would already do. Thanks to Instaframe for making things such as this easier to do.

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