Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Rafa is one and half!

Daddy's rituals before leaving the house for work include kissing us (even if the kids are still asleep) and saying "I love you." One morning, Rafa woke up early in time for Daddy's goodbye kiss.When he whispered "I love you" to Rafa, she replied. What she said made my heart want to somersault in joy. She said "Babu." I know she meant "I love you." Isn't she the sweetest?

Now that she's one year and a half years old (18 months exactly today), Rafa can say a lot of words already. She says them very clearly and she really uses the words when she talks to us. She calls me "Mami" and her Daddy "Dadi." When I point to myself and ask her who I am, she'd say "Mami" same with "Dadi", "Lolo", "Lola" and even her own name "Pah-pah"

When she wants to feed, she'd say "Mami, di-di!"

When she wants something she'd point to it and when I ask her if she really wants it, she'd say "Uh-um." And then I'd ask her "What should you say if you mean yes?" then she'd change her answer to "Po-po", meaning "Opo."

She'd say "No" if she doesn't want something, she'd say "Baba" if she wants to go down, even up. Hehe.

If she sees a dog, she'd say "Doh" and when you ask her the sound of dogs, she'd say "Arf arf!"

She also calls cats "Mingming", fishes "Fush" and birds "Bee." When she hears the sound of airplane, she'd point to the sky and say "Ee-pin."

I think she'd also potty train early because she's already showing some signs. When she has poopoo in her diaper, she'd point to it and say "Poopoo" and when she's not wearing one and she pees, she'd announce "Wiwi!" and when you ask her where, she'd say "Pipi." Haha! Funny.

I can also see that she's growing up independent and responsible even as early as now. When she's not hungry or wet or sleepy, she would just get her own toys and play. When she's finished playing, you tell her to pack away her toys and she'd do it, she'd put the toys and books back exactly to where she got them. When she's not breastfeeding or playing or sleeping, you'd find her in one corner browsing a book. Sometimes you'd hear her sing or make sounds as if she's actually reading.

When she's bored and done with her usual activities, she'd play Market Day or Endless Alphabet with our iPad. But this one we limit their use. While we know that it's not good for kids to get exposed to gadgets and the likes, we also believe that they have to cope up with the environment, with the technology and with the modern ways of living and doing things. When she hears my phone ring, she'd get it if she could, put the phone to her ear and say "Hello?"

She is also a fast learner like her Ate Gabbie. I can make her do things like clean up, throw a trash (she has her own trashcan and she knows where it is), turn on the electric fan, close and open the door and light and even watering the plants. She's also my little helper in setting up the dining table.

And although she can already eat solids on her own (we semi-practice baby-led weaning), she still breastfeeds and she's 100% cloth diapered. She may not be aware of it yet but her contribution to saving the environment is very significant.

I'm overwhelmed by the new things I learn about her everyday. I'm looking forward to hearing her talk and exchanging ideas with her. She may look like her Ate in some ways or another, but she is growing up to be her own self, carving her own unique niche in this place called earth :)

Happy 18th month Rafaelle! You are our little sunshine. We love you :)

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