Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Fun, fun, fun! At the Enchanted Kingdom

When Gabbie got an honor and two more awards from her Kinder 1 class, we promised her that we'd take her to Enchanted Kingdom. She's been there last last year during their Nursery field trip but she was not allowed in some rides because she was not tall enough then. This time. She was able to try not just once but twice, even five times some rides that require kids to be at least 36-inch tall. Oh, she was able to enjoy the Dodgem (bump car) seven or eight times. She went in the Riogrande also twice and got soaked from head to toe after. And there was this dinosaur ride that she rode for five consecutive times!

Rafa, on the other hand, went in for free. Good thing, because there weren't many rides that kids her age (and height) can enjoy. But she was able to try the train (so slow that Gabbie declared it "for kids only", forgetting that she is still a kid). There was a also playroom where they jumped to a sea of plastic balls, lied down and buried their little faces pretending to sleep.

The last time I went there was in 2004 I think. There were a couple of rides added and of course I wouldn't let the chance pass without experiencing them. So I did, and I got a little dizzy. Sign of aging?! Haha.

Gabbie and I tried but got really bored riding the ferris wheel. But it was nice to see the whole of EK with all the lights from above. It was fun, in Gabbie's own words.

As for Rafa, I told her that when she's big already, we will go back there so she can enjoy the rides. She said a soft and sweet "uh-uhm" so I guess she understood.

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