Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Separation Anxiety

I've got so many things to blog about, Rafa's first photos included. But this one, this heartbreaking one, I want to share lang. Quickie post.

I thought we have prepared her enough for the coming of our new baby. But it seems that Ate Gabbie had to let everything sink in first and see and experience in actual how it is to have a new baby in the house, where she used to be the only one.

Last Monday, she cried when she was going to school with her lola. She wanted mommy to be the one to bring her to school and despite my explanations that I still had 'sugat' in my tummy, and Rafa is still too small to be left by mommy at home, she still wouldn't stop crying. She cried until they were already in school, she didn't even entered the classroom. Her lola called me and I told her to just bring her home if she wouldn't stop. After 20 minutes or so, they were back home.

I talked to her heart to heart and explained again. She was hesitant but I was able to convince her a little.

The next day she requested that mommy bring her down and then to lolo's jeep (their service vehicle). When they were about to leave, she cried again "mommy! mommy!"

I could hear her screaming even they were already at the gate of the village. My heart was breaking. I was crying too when I called her daddy to check on her. I felt a little relieved when he told me that she was no longer crying and she already joined their class. I cried a little more (couldn't help it), thinking of reasons why all of a sudden her mood changed. It has been a month already since her lola started to send her to school so we thought everything was OK already. They even went to the school field trip to Enchanted Kingdom together.

I guess she (or we?) are still having some sort of separation anxiety. And a month of preparation is not enough compared to the three years and nine months that we were together everyday wherever we go.

Today I'm glad that she didn't cry anymore. But I know that this is a process and I pray that she'll get used to the new setup/environment soon.

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