Friday, November 04, 2011

Recent conversations with Gabbie

While watching the gymnastic dance moves of Loverkada Kids during the PGT Finals:

Gabbie: Daddy, that's dangerous.
Daddy: Yes, dangerous.
Gabbie: When I grow big I can do that too.
Daddy: No.
Gabbie: Mommy! Si daddy o, he doesn't want me to grow big.
Me: No, daddy said he doesn't want you to do that because it's dangerous.
Gabbie: When I'm big nga. But daddy doesn't want me to grow big eh.

*Daddy meant he doesn't want her to do that even if she's big already because it's dangerous, not that he doesn't want her to grow so that she won't think of doing it.


After school while in the tricycle going home:

Gabbie: Mommy may I play in the playpark?
Me: No more na play, Anak.
Gabbie: Di ba they made the playpark for the kids, so that kids will be happy?

*What else is there to say? Hehe, she has a point.


Gabbie: Mommy, I have my boyfriend.
Me: What? Don't say that, I don't like.
Gabbie: I have my boyfriend!
Me: Who?
Gabbie: Daddy is my boyfriend. Boy. Friend.

*Ok, pero I admit, nakaka-stress..

We started the routine where Lola is the one to bring Gabbie to school, to prepare for the coming of our new baby, Rafa.

Me: Let's go up na Gabbie, so you can take a bath.
Gabbie: So we can go to school?
Me: Lola will go with you ha.
Gabbie: Why Lola again? Why are you tired again Mommy? What's wrong?
Me: Nothing, Anak. Mommy is just tired and sleepy but Mommy will bring you to school on Friday for your halloween parade.
Gabbie: Ok.

*I read somewhere that to avoid sibling jealousy or insecurity, as much as possible try not to make the new baby as an excuse for suddenly not giving your full attention to the big sister or brother the way you used to do. So instead of saying "because it's not good for Baby Rafa when mommy gets tired every day going to and from your school", I just told her "because mommy's tummy is so big it makes her tired when we go out". I'm lucky and thankful that I have a daughter who is understanding and very caring.

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