Friday, June 10, 2011

Second Day In School

During the break, the teacher approached me. "Mommy, pang-ilang anak nyo si Abby? Matalino ang anak nyo. Wag nyo syang i-spoil ha."

Wow. For a moment I didn't know what to say. I just smiled at the teacher and said a shy "Thanks po."

I'm so proud of my little school girl.

They just did coloring activity today because they couldn't play outside due to rain. They colored an apple. At first I thought Gabbie couldn't do it properly because at home she does it very lightly and she just concentrates in the middle of the picture.

But I was wrong. She colored almost the entire paper I couldn't see the apple at all. And she did it very fast she was the one who shouted "I'm finished, teacher!" and she was the first one to get a star.

Snack time. She had 2 pcs mini choco muffins and 1 bar of Twiggies and she finished everything.

And the it was time to sing the goodbye songs. See that water bottle and empty Twiggies pack on the table? That's hers. She was the last one to finish eating. But at least she finished her baon. :)

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