Sunday, May 22, 2011

The sick flower girl and the preggy bridesmaid

Gabbie's temperature when we went to Tagaytay last May 15 for Ninang Jenny's wedding was 38.9 C. She was sleeping the whole time on the way to the church. But despite the really hot weather and the fever, she still managed to march down the aisle without tantrums (unlike the other and older flower girls who were all nakasimangot while walking). She slept during the ceremony but woke up when it was already picture taking with the newlyweds, and then fell asleep again on the way to reception.

During the reception she was getting cranky. After the dinner, we already left. It was also a very tiring day for me because I was the one driving. Hubby was out on a business trip and unfortunately there was no one who could drive but me.

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