Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Time In A Hospital

Gabbie had fever for almost four days that was sort of on and off, and as high as 38.9 C. Whenever I gave her Tempra, her temperature would drop to 37 C so I thought it was enough. It was also weekend and the next day we were going to attend a wedding so I just relied on Tempra and sponge bath (but deep in my heart I was really worried and I wanted to bring her to the ER already).

She was really hot the whole Sunday, even during the wedding ceremony. But the next morning, she was fine. We were able to attend the farewell party of her summer class. Then in the afternoon, we had a manghihilot come over to our house to check her. She had pilay. The next hours she was already playing with her cousin, although the fever was still there and I started to notice her lips cracking already.

On Tuesday we brought her to the pedia.The doctor said she was dehydrated and we were instructed to do CBC and Dengue Antigen Test for Gabbie and to give her Pedialyte and continue withTempra. I didn't want to go home without making sure that she's spared from Dengue so I requested that the blood test results be rushed. The result was out after two hours and she was negative for Dengue Antigen but the CBC results showed her Total WBC was only 2.8- the normal values should be at least 5.0; and her platelet was at 200 which was still normal but already nearing the lower threshold. She has also lost weight and her appetite was really poor.

When the pedia saw the results, she requested that Gabbie be admitted immediately so the meds especially the water could be given properly via IV. We reserved a room at the Admitting Section and went home to get our stuff. Then went back to Capitol Medical Center at around 8PM.

That night she had no more fever. I was relieved because it meant one medicine was taken out of the list. She was only given vitamins and that dextrose to regain her electrolytes.

It was my first time to see a kid's BP being taken and I was amused. But I was even more amused at Gabbie who was so behaved all throughout, even taking the medicine cup from the nurse and take them on her own. She would also voluntarily raise her hand when she sees the thermometer and she would inhale-exhale when told.

Her wrapped hand (where the IV was connected) did not stop her from playing her PSP. 

The next morning her appetite was back a little. She already ate rice with soup and we had otap for our snacks. Only dark colored foods were not allowed because they were still monitoring her pupu.

That afternoon we were advised that her WBC and platelet we improving, although they couldn't disregard dengue yet. Her urine and stool were also OK. The doctor said she needed another blood test the next day to see if it will improve again. But rashes in her back and tummy were starting to show. She was given Alnix (antihistamine) for the rashes.

The next morning she was already up and back to being makulit. The pedia advised us that her WBC was already 5.0 and her platelet already 240. It meant no blood extraction anymore. And dengue was already disregarded. We just needed to monitor her for fever for 24-48 hours. Gabbie was already singing and dancing when the doctor left the room.

By Friday night daddy was already with us (his trip was cut by one day). He was the one who attended to Gabbie that night so I was able to rest more. The rashes were totally gone that time.

The next morning (4th day) the pedia gave the discharge instructions already. The diagnosis was (unknown) viral infection and the rashes was due to Roseola virus or tigdas hangin.

Before we left the hospital, eto na sya, ganito na sya kakulit:

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ang cute naman nung naka-BP si gabbie. :D glad she's okay na. :)