Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Morning Sickness

I'm feeling that its a bit difficult this time than when I was having Gabbie. Maybe because that time I was working and morning sickness was not acceptable in the sick leave application? Or maybe because I was a little "spoiled" back then in terms of accessibility to my luho and cravings?

The past couple of days my appetite has gone super low. I almost didn't eat anything the other day because  everything I put in my mouth was rejected by my tummy. Yesterday I tried and was a bit successful, but I didn't take some of my meds, because I believe that they're causing all this weakness and lack of appetite. But it can't go on like that forever, of course, I need to take those meds for the safety and health of the baby.

I think I can sacrifice a few weeks more for the baby love :)

Today I was craving for a chocolate chip cookie.

But we had to rush after eating our lunch because daddy has to fix some more things for his flight tonight. Ok lang, bukas na lang :)

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