Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Call me... Ate Gabbie! :)

Been feeling the signs for several days already, and I couldn't be wrong about it. But we waited for a few more days to be sure, and so that our trip to the OB will give us positive results. So last weekend, being 10 days delayed, we went to Capitol Med. The IE and the ultrasound confirmed that I am indeed pregnant at six weeks. Gabbie's wish has been heard- to be an Ate Gabbie already. But she has another wish now- she wants a baby sister to share her toys (if I know, kakikayan) with. For me, again, boy or girl, it wouldn't matter, as long as we will have a safe pregnancy (and delivery later on) and the baby is normal and healthy.


Got to Believe said...

Congratulations ivy!

Got to Believe said...

Congratulations ivy! Here's to a safe and happy pregnancy.cheers!

Rianne said...

Yehey! Congratulations! =)