Thursday, January 06, 2011

Celebrating Christmas...

December 24 afternoon, Gabbie's friends Bambam and Ainah visited her and daddy didn't let the opportunity to take their pics by the Christmas tree.

Gabbie's own moment

and the gifts.

At 8PM we started the party for Greenheights kids. There were about 40 of them present. They we all up to dancing, playing and having fun.

We ended the party with sharing some goodies to the kids, and nobody went home empty handed.

And then it's time for our Noche Buena! We had baked macaroni, hotdogs and mallows, macaroni salad, sandwich and ham.

Next comes opening of gifts. Gabbie got a lot of stuff, and so did daddy.

and this one is their gift for mommy.

The next morning, we attended the mass.

Went around the village to greet everyone "Merry Christmas"

and spent some time in lola's house for lunch and some pictorial by their tree.

After a short nap we went to Worlds Of Fun where Gabbie rode for the first time a roller coaster. 

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