Thursday, January 06, 2011

...and New Year :)

No fireworks, no 13 dishes, no lechon. Just 13 kinds of fruits, some salad, a small cake and a new pasta recipe and lots of music and some noise from our good old torotot :)

Gabbie is still scared of the fireworks but this time, less crying.

so we just stayed inside the house and danced a little blowing our torotot :)

then its time for Media Noche and some pictorial.

Early the next morning we went to Pampanga to celebrate New Year with the whole family. Gabbie was still wearing the polka dot dress because she didn't want to remove it when she slept and when we left home she was still sleeping.

After exchanging gifts and eating lunch, more pictorials.

Then we went to Marqueemall to watch Tanging Ina (supposed to be Enteng Kabisote but the tickets for the 5pm showtime were sold out)

After the movie, we took some more photos outside the mall (by the fountain) then went home.

Glad to have spent a Happy New Year with the whole gang. :)

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