Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our First Christmas Tree

After three Christmases in our house, finally! On our first, I was about to give birth to Gabbie so it was inconvenient for me to decorate the house and re-arrange the furniture to make space for a tree.

On the second, Gabbie has started walking and exploring everything inside the house- and eating everything she sees inside the house (those colorful balls and flower decors included)

On the third, our house was under renovation.

And so this year, we wished for a tree, but the kind that can fit in one corner of our small living room.

Gabbie actually helped putting it up. And she wanted to be the one to decorate our first Christmas tree. 

Thanks Santa for a wish come true.

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Got to Believe said...

merry christmas, ivy and gabbie!

from leslie and jared