Monday, October 04, 2010

Gabbie at Kids Expo (Musikgarten demo)

Despite the rain, we went to Rockwell Tent last Saturday to join other kids and moms in the Kids Expo organized by Mommy Mundo. There were a lot of kiddie booths and Gabbie enjoyed playing with others kids, reading, watching kids perform and even joining one of the activities herself.

This is a class demo by Musikgarten. Gabbie loves singing and dancing and playing, so obviously she had so much fun.

Aside from the experience and a lot of freebies, I was able to get Shoo Fly Mosquito spray at 25% off; Gabbie's costume/dress for trick or treat at a really discounted price; and I won in a raffle and one of the prizes is a 4-day trial ballet class for Gabbie! Isn't it amazing? :)

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