Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Watching Eclipse twice in one night.

Wow mommy, BIG DOG! Ay no, BEAR yan! - Gabbie, on the wolves of Eclipse.

We were among the lucky ones who watched Eclipse ahead of everybody else. Mike got tickets from Robinsons Movieworld. We were there at 7PM. There were some prizes raffled first, so the screening started at around eight. I won't post anything about the movie yet, don't worry. I hate spoilers myself. But we really enjoyed the movie. First, Gabbie likes watching movies. Second, she thought the wolves were cuddly bears. Third, the vampire fight was not bloody, of course.

After that, we went to SM MOA for the midnight screening. Yes, we did it twice in one night. There was supposed to be a party before the MOA Centerstage screening. But it was over when we arrived.

The crowd in SM MOA was more hyper and crazier for Jacob Black.

But obviously, we're solid Team Edward. And I think Alice rocks!

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