Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One day in La Mesa Ecopark

Last Friday we went to La Mesa Ecopark to watch Gabbie's Ninong Olan and Tita Myles' prenup pictorial. While two were having fun with posing for the official photographer's camera, Gabbie was also having fun posing for mine.

La Mesa Ecopark surprised me. I was expecting just an ordinary forest park with trees of course and flowers and playground. But it was more than that- the place was awesome. It's big. It has swimming pools. Picture perfect. Except for the lamok and bugs. I kept on applying bug spray on Gabbie's exposed skin all the time.

Unfortunately it rained. And I wasn't able to bring my SLR. But my point-and-shoot didn't fail me.

Gabbie didn't insist on rock climbing. She thought it was dirty. She said Ewww!

Her first reaction when she saw this lagoon  was- Wow, beach! She wanted to ride the boat right away.

I asked her to wait for Ninong to finish their boat pictorial first. And wait for manong to bring the life jacket.

While waiting, she went to this tree and asked me to take her pictures, she pretended to swing.

Finally, the life jacket is here!

She was well behaved while manong was putting the jacket on her. I knew she was trying to hide her excitement.

She insisted on holding the other paddle. Like she could move it ano? Ambigat kaya!

Here she wanted to experience driving a jeep.

When we reached the ampitheater, I was like Whoa! Perfect!

So I didn't waste time taking Gabbie's photos. Lucky me, she was very much willing and didn't have any tantrums at all.

She tried blowing the balloons for the couple (props), but it was hard. I tried it too, I was unsuccessful.

Then we went on with our own pictorial.

Shiu (the make up artist of the bride) was so kind to take a photo of us mag-mommy.

My little picnic girl.

We are definitely going back there one of these days. Now that I know it's very accessible to our place via Batasan-San Mateo access road- 2FX and one trike ride away, no more than 30 minutes.

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