Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Supplier Ratings- Jhune Marcelino Couture

Jhune Marcelino
Price: P56,300.00
Inclusions: bridal gown (with veil, veil for sponsors, pouch bag, garter, head piece, petticoat, cord, arrhae, and pillows); entourage gowns (4 FG, 1 Little Bride, 3 Sec Sponsors, 1 MOH, 1 BM, 2 Jr BM, 2 Mothers, Pinya Barong and pants for groom, Pinya-Jusi barongs and pants for 2 fathers, barong rental for 3 Sec Sponsors and 1 dress up gown or desposada & free use of fitting form
Rating: Bride, groom, MOH, Sec Sponsors, FG, mothers and fathers attire- 5++ (except for the petticoat, it was very embarrassing!); Jr BM and BM- 3; Services- 3

I have said in my previous posts that Jhune Marcelino Couture was a great find. It was true naman, considering the kind of fabric used in my gown and the style and the services by Aling Magda. They used duchess satin for my gown, and that very elegant looking beaded imported lace on the bodice and the beaded lace scattered on the entire gown, the hem and the tahi at the back (don’t know what its called but it’s the tahi connecting the fabric, closing the back side and since my gown had 7-meter train, ganun din kahaba yung lace na tinakip sa tahi na yun..). those who saw the gown say that its really beautiful. Some of my friends even joked and told me they’d rent it when its their turn to get married. I really love my gown myself and if I have the chance and if there’s no pamahiin about it, and if its not super bigat, baka everyday suotin ko sya. . Except for the petticoat. I would’ve thrown the petticoat if not for fear of stepping on my gown when I walk on the carpet. It was nothing like what I had in mind- yung parang sa ball gown na hindi talaga mata-touch ng tela yung legs ko, and hindi magiging hindrance sa paglalakad ko. it was just like a half slip with a soft cardboard sa may laylayan. As in nung nakita ko sya parang whaaattt? Eto na ba yun? Pero sinuot ko pa din thinking it would save me from falling. Kaso yun nga it wasn’t of any help, aside from being just a half slip. I was too tired na lang and was running out of time to take it off.

3 lang ang binigay kong rating for the Jr BM and BM’s gowns. Disaster yung gown nung isang Jr BM. She looked so short sa gown nya, kse niremedyuhan lang yun ni Aling Magda. Originally, maikli ng several inches yung skirt (ibang staff ang kumuha ng sukat, because wla nun si Aling Magda). But replacing the skirt would cost them that much daw. pero I doubt… kse simpleng tulle and geena cloth lang yung ginamit. Hindi yung agreed kind of fabric. As in geena cloth and tulle na P20 per yard lang sa Divisoria. Tinarayan (pardon the term) pa ko ni Mang Jhune when I told him what happened to the gown. Hindi daw nila kasalanan yun and if I request for a new gown, additional bayad na daw yun. After that never ko na sya kinausap. Stressed na ko, kaya I told myself hindi na ko papa-stress pa lalo by talking to him. From then on si Aling Magda na lang ang kinausap ko. She’s ok naman kausap. Kelangan lang talaga laging tawagan, sa dami ng ginagawa nya. Yung sa BM naman, medyo masikip lang and kahit ilang ulit na pinabalik balik yung gown sa kanila, di pa din naayos yung sukat. Pero ok lang, carry pa din naman nya. Yung sa Jr BM lang talaga ang sobrang di ko matagalan tignan sa pictures kse naiinis lang ako hehehe…

Services-3. If not for that single incident na tinarayan ako ni Mang Jhune (pero inisip ko na lang na baka mainit lang ang ulo nya nung time na yun…) and for their no-show on the day itself, 5 sana dahil ok naman ang services ng staff nila during the preps- asikaso yung pag repair ng gown ko, asikaso nila ko every fitting, and ok naman most of the gowns ( I love my FGs’ gowns!). pero dahil nga they promised to attend to me sa hotel preps tapos hindi sila dumating, without any notice (they could have texted me), 3 lang. or 2 kung sinulat ko ‘to on that day mismo hehehe…

On the day we closed the deal with Mang Jhune, he affirmed that on the day of our wedding, hindi nila iiwanan ang bride hanggang hindi nakaluhod sa altar. As in they told our coordinator pa na wag sana makialam coz his staff already know what to do- sila magbibihis sakin, maglalagay ng veil, mag aayos ng train habang naglalakad ako hanggang makaluhod, etc… pero come wedding day, na-make up an na ko at naayusan na ng hair, walang taga Jhune Marcelino couture na dumating. I asked Fit2BeTied coordinator na assigned sakin kung may pasabi… wala daw. So she called them up only to hear na hindi makakapunta yung assistants kse wala daw sasakyan. Ok fine. After nun, binura ko muna sila sa isip ko. it was my MOH and a coordinator who assisted me when I put my gown on. Buti na lang mabait si jen, and masipag. Sobang thanks to jen for the assistance. I saw her nakaluhod sa carpet, ikot dito ikot dun… para lang maayos yung train ko… and to think na naka-gown na din sya nun! Haay… talk about sobrang ka-stress stress na pangyayari on your wedding day.

But even then, at the end of the day, gusto ko pa din happy thoughts na lang… pag tinitignan ko yung gown ko and nadidinig ko how my family and my friends liked it… nawawala na yung inis ko.

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fallen_angel said...

hi ivy.

I can totally relate to your experience. Jhune Marcelino also did my gown and most gowns of my entourage. He told me the same thing about helping me put on the gown and not leaving till i'm kneeling at the altar.but just like during your preps, no staff was able to attend and they didn't even call!I also had FIT2beTIED for my OTD. buti na lang they helped me with the gown and the trail...I think Jhune M. tells all his clients the same story...Oh well...