Friday, May 04, 2007

Supplier Ratings- Christ The King

Church and Reception
Christ The King, Greenmeadows, QC / Parish Hall
Price: P25,000.00 + stipend + P1,500 for pre-wedding seminar
Inclusions: Priest, Soloist & organist, Flower arrangements
Rating: 3; Parish Hall- 5

Since Mike is from Marikina and I am from Pasig, we decided to look for a church and reception venue somewhere in between. And then we found CTK. I would’ve preferred a smaller one because I wanted the ceremony to be as solemn as possible. But the smaller ones within our area are either non-aircon, and are far from our preferred reception venues- which are of course, venues that can accommodate 300-400 guests. So we booked the church and the parish hall last May 2006 and Ms Lily assured us that she would never accept any reservation on that day March 30 other than ours. Things were ok naman during the planning. We go to her once in a while and she’s really very accommodating naman, and we even had our pre-cana seminar there and they let us choose our preferred officiant also. So upon consultation here in W@W, we chose Bishop Martirez and we prepared our misalette for his approval.

So bakit 3 lang? Actually I really don’t want to write something bad about any of my suppliers kse my wedding went smooth naman. But I owe this to fellow w@wies of course, to warn them and give them ideas about the things that didn’t go very well.. On the day itself, we had some glitches with regard to the some things in the church. First, the time we booked with Ms Lily is 3:30pm. But having in mind the ‘Filipino time’, we printed 3pm both in our invitations and misalettes. Apparently, Bishop only referred to the misalette he was given several hours before the event, he went in at exactly 3pm. And at 3:15, even in the absence of a ninong and a flower girl, napilitan na silang magpa-march, because “baka daw magalit si Bishop”. My only sentiment about this is that Ms Lily was the one whom we always coordinate with so we expected that she’d be the one to inform Bishop that the ceremony should really start at 3:30 pa, and not 3pm. Good thing our coordinator really made it sure that we leave Richmonde Hotel just a little past 2 in case anything happens along the way (like traffic, or maybe if there’s something forgotten or left in the hotel).

Second, the left half of the door did not open. I don’t know but since I was always telling myself na even if there were small aberya from the hotel pa lang, still I believed everything will still be perfect. So binigyan ako ng konting imperfection. When the people go in and out of the church the doors would open perfectly. Pero nung ako na, biglang it woudnt, so I just made a little sway on the right so my gown wont get stuck in the closed door. When I was already inside, I stopped for a moment, and tried to walk on the carpet slowly (dapat naman talaga slowly di ba…) to check if my gown and my shoes wont fail me (mahaba-haba din yung aisle nun…) coz in the hotel, they did. They really did, I even tried to kick the gown but I get out of balance. I told the coordinator nga “kinakain ng shoes ko yung gown ko kaya di ako makalakad ng maayos.. goodluck na lang sakin sa church”. I even made some more practices sa hotel room to make sure hindi ako madadapa sa carpet. Going back to my walking down the aisle, when Ms Lily saw me walking slower than usual, she said “sipain mo yung gown mo iha, naiinip na si Bishop, baka magalit na”. kaya I think in some pictures taken nung nandun ako sa part na yun, I wasn’t smiling. Anyways, I was just too thankful to God that I was able to walk gracefully in the carpet (it shows nga lang in the picture that I was kicking my gown… the shoes were showing in every step eh hehehe), and they could not force me to walk faster coz my mother din cannot. She is still under PT due to stroke last year.

Third, I think our bible was not blessed by Bishop. Because when it was the blessing of the arrhae, rings and bible, missing yung bible ko sa altar! They only got it from the bible bearer when it was Mike’s turn to hand it to me (after the rings and arrhae).

Fourth, I don’t know if its just me or what… but when we were sitting/kneeling in the altar, it was hot. I even asked Mike to borrow a pamaypay because I felt I was gonna collapse. Maybe because of gutom and pagod na din, but then maybe not because I know Im used to it already. But when I asked the guests naman sa pwesto nila if it’s the same, hindi naman daw. So maybe sa may altar area lang or maybe because of the lights and lit candle din. I don’t know… and also the attendants of the priest were not as vigilant as I expected them to be.

Fifth, yung preferred songs ko, hindi lahat kinanta sa ceremony. I even gave them the list of the songs, when to sing it and the cd of the complete mp3 way ahead. Even texted them a week before to remind. But on that day, they sang songs na wala naman sa list ko, yung ordinary songs lang. buti na lang Serene vocalist was there to sing in the most important parts of the ceremony- yung entrance ko, yung kiss the bride and yung recessional.

Lets talk about the reception venue naman. I gave Mang Rey 5 because he was very considerate to not let us pay for the set-up fee and additional payment for the use of mobile system anymore. Gift na daw nya samin yun. And also the place was not crowded (and not hot…) even if we have 300 guests. Imagine there were three buffet lines yata and we also had projector and live band and sound system, spacious talaga yung parish hall.

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