Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mack's 9th month

Dear Mack,

On your 9th month, you have already caught up on the normal weight of a breastfed baby. You have learned how to go down the bed on your own and you have mastered crawling on all fours. You call me "mama" and you already say "ga ga" "ba ba" "ka ka" and when we ask you to call Ate, you would say "Aaaaaaahhh" in a loud voice as if you are really calling your Ate. You have also learned to eat on your own, picking up finger food from the plate and biting it and chewing the food with your two front teeth. You can cruise and stand on your own and you even let go and try to stand without holding on to anything sometimes. And boy you can gulp down several ounces of water already after eating your meal which is mostly rice with vegetables, fish and sabaw from tinola, nilaga, pinangat or sinigang.

We love you Mack!

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