Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Super long vacation

The kids had so far the longest weekend for this year when a typhoon named Maring intensified a southwest monsoon (habagat) affecting the northern part of the country where it rained for almost one week. 

For Gabbie, it began on a no-class Friday when we had their PTC and their first quarter grades were released. Then come Monday when the whole Metro Manila was under signal number 1 and there were some flooding in most areas. On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, there were still no classes due to rains and floods in Marikina. Wednesday and the next Monday had been declared even earlier as regular holiday (Ninoy Aquino Day and National Heroes Day, respectively).

All in all, it was 11 days of really long vacation for the kids. And since there was no chance to play outside, what else can they do but read books, watch a little of their favorite cartoons, doodle, color, do art works and read their books again and again.

Oh I remember there was one afternoon when they took advantage of the clear skies and were able to go out and play a little.

Here's looking forward to another long weekend (sans the rain) to enjoy playing outdoors again...

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