Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Summer activity

Taekwondo, for a change.

One time, Gabbie and her friends were playing hide and seek. When it was her turn to be "taya", she threw a fit. Tantrums galore. I asked why, and she said because she didn't want to be "taya".

Later that night, I explained to her that it's ok to be "taya", that in every game, there's a winner, there's a loser. She protested. I heard a lot of "I don't want to be a loser!" screams. I told her it's ok to be a loser sometimes, but she has to do her best the next time she joins any game so that she will become a winner.

For a child who has no idea or concept of losing, it was hard to explain. So I kept on explaining to her every time she lost in "bato bato pick" or even in simple activities like finishing the food or dressing up.

This summer, instead of enrolling her to a swimming class, we tried taekwondo for a change. We're hoping that through this sport, she will learn to control her emotions and will appreciate how it is to lose and strive to do her best to eventually win.

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