Saturday, December 01, 2012

Purple Room

Gabbie said she wanted to have her room painted purple, so she can already sleep in it (why, I didn't ask). So when a carpenter became available to do some repairs in her bedroom (oh it's her and Rafa's bedroom na pala), I told him that we're going to change the color of the damaged (from leaks) wall from the old green-watermelon pink combination to plain purple.

And since she's into reading books already, I made her a reading nook

Yesterday I asked her "Now that your bedroom is already fixed, are you going to sleep in it already?" She said yes but she'll start in December. I told her "Oh, it's already December tomorrow! Are you ready?"

So tonight, being December 1 already, she is sleeping in her own bedroom, for the first time since it was built three years ago. Haha. But she had a condition though. She will be allowed to put stickers on the wall beside her bed and her daddy has to stay with her.

I don't know if I should be happy about this or not (I shouldn't have asked her kasi) because I;m not sure if I'm already prepared or ready for this.She's a big girl now! Siguro if Rafa is not here beside me I'd cry, of feeling like I'm being abandoned by my child maybe? Hahaha. Crazy, crazy me.

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