Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Swim baby, swim!

I know I shouldn't be surprised. Rafa loves water so much, just like Ate Gabbie. Few weeks ago we went to Ace Water Spa. It was Rafa's first time in a swimming pool. We stayed in the water for about three hours, no signs of Rafa being scared or bored whatsoever.  We just needed a 10-minute break for her to nurse and then went swimming, sliding and playing in the water again.

And then last week, we went somewhere in Marikina for a swimming engagement party. As expected, Rafa swam like she wasn't a 10-mo. old baby (even I almost forgot! Haha!) She wasn't even scared to "ride" daddy's kickboard and she endured the cold water for like thirty minutes huh!

Looks like we have another Dyesebel in the family :)

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