Monday, February 20, 2012

A family of Rushers :)

I vote for Rafa (3months) as the youngest Rusher in town :)

Last Saturday was a "hectic" day for us. It was Rafa's check up schedule in the morning at Capitol Medical Center in QC. We had to pick up a bag we sent for repair somewhere in QC also. We were invited to the baptism of my nephew in Sta. Ana Manila. It was also my friend Anna's birthday celebration in their house in Araneta QC.

And then there was the book signing of Chico and Delamar's books in Greenbelt 4 at 2pm onwards. We already missed the book signing last week in NBS Megamall. We arrived a little past 6, the book signing ended 6pm. Galing di ba! Haha. So this time I told Mike we should go, or we will forever regret not going and having our book signed.

After our check-up, we went to Makati, had some snacks in Bubba Gump also in Greenbelt then went back to QC for Anna's birthday dinner.

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